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It's clear by now that bio-metrics has had a large impact on the world of market research testing.

For years this technology was reserved for the labs of psychology departments or classrooms, but it’s use has become much more mainstream and a more integral piece of market research testing. Its use is not limited to only website usability testing. There is long list of applications for bio-metric data gathering, including: streaming and live media content, in-store shopping journey experiences, as well as virtual and real-world products evaluations.

The powerful combination of metrics including; heart rate, facial coding, brain wave analysis, eye tracking, gaze tracking, respiration, and galvanic skin response, are used to collect a solid understanding of how the stimuli effects the user. By using these tool-sets we can get a true sense of how users feel about your products, services or experience. People consciously filter how they react to things and the choices they make, based on a lifetime of experiences. When we apply the bio-metrics lens we can see a person’s unconscious reaction to stimuli and see what they aren’t verbally expressing.


With CIG's Bio-metrics Research Suite, you'll see into the headspace of participants. Using the tools within the suite we can identify friction points within a process, point of interest as well as loss of interest during media consumption - even subconscious likes or dislikes as events unfold.

Application of the suite tools is flexible enough that they can be used in or outside of the lab setting. Most of the tools within the Bio-metrics Suite can also be used remotely. As long as the participant has a working webcam, critical research data can still be gathered.

Below is a brief description of the tool which comprise the Bio-metrics Suite.



Neural tracking lets us see the participants thought patterns and brain waves as they experience the stimuli. Based on initial calibrations beforehand, we can tell, at a subconscious level, whether they are happy, sad, excited, etc. - in real-time.



Eye tracking allows researchers to identify which items (on-screen, storefront, environment, etc.) capture a customer's attention, but more importantly, it shows what they're not seeing.



Also referred to as EDA, this measures the sweat glands in the hand via a sensor in contact with skin of the finger or hand. Either positive or negative emotional responses trigger production of sweat in hands. Sometimes the changes in skin are too small to notice with the naked eye.

Heart Rate@3x.png


The heart rate monitor is connected to the chest band and tracks the rate of speed with which the heart beats. The more excited the subject becomes from the stimuli, the fast the heart beats and the pulse quickens.

Facial Coding@3x.png


A camera is used to capture micro-expressions of the face as the participant interacts or experiences stimuli. We then analyze the facial expressions using algorithms to know if the participant was happy, upset, confused, etc...



When people become emotionally engaged their breathing quickens. The easiest method of measuring this is by placing a device across the chest or stomach which tracks expansion and contraction as they breathe.

Easily view remote sessions in real-time, stream session recordings with CIG On-Demand, and download/upload large project files on our secured 2-factor authentication servers.

CIG offers several ways to watch sessions whether live or after the fact. Along with video and audio recording of all interactions, CIG also offers transcription services.

File Sharing@3x.png


2-factor authentication log in ensures that your information and project files/resources are easily accessible and secure. Download and upload options, as well as playback options available.



View live session as they happen. Secure remote viewing of remote sessions allow you to watch in real-time and communicate with the moderator during the session.




With CIG's streaming video service, you can watch new or older session when you want. Combined with the real-time transcription play back, finding the best clips and sound bites has never been easier.

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